Business_China National Biotec Group Company Limited

  • Human Vaccines

    CNBG is the largest in China and sixth largest in the world developer and manufacturer of human vaccines. It produces over 700 million doses of 50 kinds of vaccines annually, including Class I vaccines against all the 15 diseases covered by the national immunization program, with a market share of 80 percent. And it is the first WHO prequalification (for its epidemic encephalitis B and bOPV vaccines) holder among Chinese vaccine makers. ng Chinese vaccine makers.
  • Blood Product

    CNBG owns the largest listed company of blood products in China. Running five blood products producers and 58 plasma collection stations, and producing 11 lines of blood products, it is an industry leader outstanding for its large operation, strong R&D capabilities, and high quality.
  • Medical Aesthetics

    CNBG is the only licensed botulinum toxin manufacturer in China, leading the market with a share of 77 percent. It is working toward the goal of becoming a forerunner in Chinese medical aesthetics industry.
  • Animal Health

    CNBG operates 10 production lines of animal vaccines, and has obtained production approval for 36 veterinary vaccines. It is committed to the goal of becoming a leading solution provider for animal health.
  • Antibody and Therapeutics

    CNBG is among the first companies in China that researched, developed, produced and sold medical diagnostic products. It is an international player in the field of molecular diagnosis and pacesetter in the realm of emergency testing for emerging infectious diseases and sudden outbreaks.
  • Medical Diagnostics

    CNBG is the first company in China to develop antibody medicines. It is currently carrying out research and development on 12 products and has obtained clinical trial permission for six products. Its aim is to become an advanced antibody drug producer in China and worldwide.