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Rich innovation

Since the first strain of penicillin in China was isolated in 1942 and achieved a zero breakthrough in China’s biological products, the company has successfully developed smallpox vaccines, cholera vaccines, typhoid vaccines, measles vaccines, hepatitis A vaccines, hepatitis B vaccines, and oral rotavirus live vaccines. Biological products such as vaccines, polio vaccines, type A botulinum products, healthy human plasma albumin and blood coagulation factor VIII, cover almost all of China's biological products.

Since the company's reorganization in 2010, the company has continuously increased its investment in science and technology, with an average annual investment in science and technology close to 11%. The national first-class new drug EV71 vaccine, domestic exclusive product BCG vaccine, bOPV vaccine and sIPV vaccine of the Global Polio Eradication Action Plan were successfully approved On the market, 61 products have entered all stages of new drug registration, including tetravalent meningococcal polysaccharide protein conjugate vaccine, 13-valent pneumonia polysaccharide protein conjugate vaccine, tetravalent HPV vaccine, multivalent rotavirus vaccine, and type A botulinum toxin to expand clinical indications , 42 key new products such as genetically recombinant blood coagulation factor products, monoclonal antibody biosimilar drugs, and long-acting interferon are in the stage of clinical trials, and scientific research projects have made significant progress. Since 2010, it has obtained 9 new drug certificates and acceptance numbers, 40 production approval documents and acceptance numbers, 154 clinical approval documents and clinical acceptance numbers, 48 various awards, 99 patent authorizations, 129 patent applications, and 1,400 articles published Many articles, scientific research results have achieved remarkable results.