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  • Biomedicine
    National Team

    National Team

    The production and supply of more than 80% of the vaccines used in the national immunization program has built a strong barrier for people's lives and health; eradicated smallpox, eliminated polio, and reduced 300 million measles, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, Japanese encephalitis, meningitis, hepatitis A, tetanus , Tuberculosis cases, 4 million deaths were reduced; the number of children with hepatitis B infection was reduced by 30 million, and the surface carrying rate of hepatitis B among children under 5 years old fell to less than 1%.

    More than 80% of production supply
    Vaccines for National Immunization Program
    400Ten thousand
    Reduce 4 million deaths
    3000Ten thousand
    Reduce the number of children with hepatitis B infection
    Reduce the surface carrying rate of hepatitis B in children
  • Major Emergency Response Team

    Major Emergency Response Team

    In the response to major emergencies such as epidemics and natural disasters, CNBG has played an irreplaceable role in providing professional support and securing social stability.

    Fighting SARS, battling Influenza A, measles strengthening immunization, prevention and control of polio, R&D of H5N1、EV71、H7N9 vaccines.

    CNBG has provided various emergency relief products, including vaccines, blood products and diagnostic products for infectious diseases, to the areas affected by massive earthquakes in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, Yushu, Qinghai Province, Yiliang, Yunnan Province, and Jiuzhai, Sichuan Province, as well as those affected by the flood of 1998 and the mudslide in Zhouqu, Gansu Province.

    CNGB has made outstanding contribution in the fight against COVID-19 by carrying out scientific research to ensure the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and prevention and control of infections.

  • “Belt and Road” Vanguard

    “Belt and Road” Vanguard

    Inspired by the Belt and Road Initiative, CNBG has accelerated the pace of international development to serve global public health governance and services.

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